Story : Peter Pan is a malicious boy who comes from Neverland. He goes to London to see Wendy and her two brothers John and Michael. They go to Neverland helped by Peter Pan who learns them how flying. In Neverland, they meet Lost Children who live in a tree, pirates and Captain Hook, indians, mermaids… Peter Pan must fight Captain Hook to liberate Neverland.



Peter Pan flying – Speed Demon Videoclip

Peter Pan ans his shadow – The Way You Make Me Feel 30th Anniversary

Man of the Moon

Another moon : Same logo for Neverland and Dreamworks Studio ?

London – This Is It in London

Big Clock – Neverland Ranch Valley

Neverland – Neverland Ranch Valley

Tree of life

Peter Pan and Lost Children

Indians – Black or White Videoclip

Flying Boat – Childhood Videoclip

Michael is Peter ?