Story : Harry Potter is an orphan boy who lives with his uncle and aunt. One day, the giant Hagrid tells him he is a wizard and the survivor of the dark Lord Voldemort who has killed his parents. Harry has to go to Hogwarts School and learn magic. During his schooling and  adolescence, helped by his friends and teachers, Harry must fight evil creatures, conspiracy, lies, dark wizards, Voldemort himself, and save the world from Evil.



Harry Potter target of the press – Leave Me Alone Videoclip

Press against Harry Potter


London – This Is It in London

The Deer Patronus – Michael is the Deer Bambi

harry potter patronusTribute to Bambi

The Lion Symbol – Black or White Videoclip – Neverland Portal

Animagus McGonagall – Animagus Michael in Black or White Videoclip / Billie Jean Videoclip

Friend Rat – Ben movie / song

Ghosts – Ghosts Videoclip

Werewolf – Thriller Videoclip


Unicorn Blood – Unicorn on Neverland Portal

7 players in Quidditch – N° 7 in Scream Videoclip

Bat Quidditch – Bat Scream Videoclip

7 books

7 Horcrux


Doubles Harry Potter
Michael Jackson and look alike

Resurrection Stone – Michael alive ?

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