Story : One night, an extraterrestrial spaceship comes on Earth. Because of humans and precipitation, the extraterrestrials forget one of them and go away in the space. The creature leaves the forest and comes in a garden. A boy, Elliot, finds him and they become friends. E.T. is different of humans but nice, fun and cute. He has many powers and can heal people. But E.T. is nostalgic and wants to return on his planet.




The Audiobook E.T. narrated by Michael Jackson himself

E.T. Producer is Steven Spielberg, who appears in Michael Jackson Liberian Girl Videoclip

The Man of the Moon / The Moonwalk

E.T. with children

E.T. is a Ghost on Halloween

Same Spaceship in Michael Album ?

Another spaceship in HIStory Tour

Spaceship of the HIStory Tour

An extraterrestrial mission for Captain EO !

Captain EO

E.T. has the power of healing

Red light of life ? (Watch the video)