Story : Peter Parker is an orphan who lives with his uncle and aunt. He is also a teenager with some problems with self-confidence. One day, he goes with his class to a laboratory discovering new species of spiders and one of them bites him. The DNA of the spider and itself are mixed and he gets powers. Unfortunately, his uncle is in a way killed because of him. So Peter becomes the super-heros Spider-man and decides to save people to honor his uncle’s memory.




A teen who feels bad

Peter Parker is a photographer (artist ?)

Bitten by a spider

Hand style

Masked man

Spider symbol – This Is It

Spider-man in the mirror – Man in the Mirror

Spider-man wanted – Moonwalker

Spider-man saves a baby and children

Peter Parker works at JOE’s Pizza

Peter forget his birthday… maybe he doesn’t celebrate it like Michael ?

A little boy named Henry JACKSON ask Peter if Spiderman will come back

No-more or he’s back ???

A non-clue : Mary-Jane Watson… MJ… lol

“Michael Jackson planned to star in Spider-Man movie”

Michael Jackson a fan of Spider-Man ?

Spider-man t-shirt in This Is It

Michael is Spider-man ?