Story : Frodo Baggins is an hobbit living in the Shire with his uncle Bilbo. The day of Bilbo 111th anniversary, uncle Bilbo tries to escape with a magic ring. But the ring is dangerous and the Nazgûl, some ancient bad humans, search it hardly to return it in Mordor. The magician Gandalf takes the ring from Bilbo and gives it to Frodo. Helped by hobbits friends, an elf, a dwarf, a human and Gandalf, Frodo must destroy the ring in Mordor to destroy the Evil Sauron and save the world.



Frodo Baggins

The Lord of the Rings Producer is Peter JACKSON.

Pirate Ship – Childhood Videoclip

A Fellowship ?

The Mirror – Man in the Mirror

Frodo can be invisible, and Michael too

The Argonath or The Pillars of the KINGs – Statue of Liberty – Statue HIStory

The Two Towers

The Ents fighting in the war – Trees in fire and resurrecting in Earth Song Videoclip

Oliphants fighting in the war – Elephants in Earth Song Videoclip

A Dragon ?

A big Spider – Spider Bite and Thriller This Is It

The Return of the King… of Pop !