Story : Willy Wonka is the best creator of chocolates in the world, but his factory is closed to the public. One day, he decides to invite 5 children to visit his factory and puts 5 golden tickets in his chocolate tablets. The 5 children are chosen but 4 of them are terrible and bad. Willy Wonka so becomes a real defender of justice and gives them a lesson.



English style

Willy Wonka makes sweets – Michael Jackson looooves sweets

The best chocolate creator – The best entertainer in the world – HIStory album cover

Willy Wonka closes the factory – Michael leave Neverland

Children invitations to visit the place

Weird person ?

Apparition of Natives – Earth Song Videoclip

Wonka factory and Neverland are magical places

A boat and an attraction park – Leave Me Alone Videoclip

The both has a strict father – Joe Jackson

Two defenders of justice – Bad album cover

2001 Space Odyssey Black Door – This Is It

A puppets burns service – Michael Jackson Burn Center

Helping poors – Bucket house – USA for Africa

Michael is Willy  Wonka ?